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NZ Vinduro RD 4 (Final) - Taupo 7 May
NZ VMX RD 8 (Final) - Taupo 13 May
NZ VMX AGM - Taupo 14 May

Summer from Hell

Its been a long time between drinks.  Like Hayden Paddon in the 2017 WRC series, my VMX and Vinduro efforts have not been overly rewarding this year. Reliability issues, lack of focus and fitness, and then of course there has been the Summer from Hell. This largely meant a lack of rewarding riding. 

So on 7 May I will be entering the Kinleith Vinduro (at Atiamuri) with some trepidation and low expectations. Actually Kinleith has always been a good run for me with no technical issues at all but this year the venue has changed and I know the little XL 175 is on its last legs. To be fair I have ridden the legs off this bike over the last five years in both VMX and Vinduro and so I shouldn’t be too surprised that it needs an entire rebuild. In preparation for Kinleith I have double checked the basics and changed out the broken throttle cable, and the clutch cable which was severely frayed, changed the points and fitted a fresh rear tyre just in case the weather does its normal 2017 thing. But the engine has a bit of a rattle going on so we will see……………... 

Also coming up of course is the final of the Rock Oil, SOX.CO.NZ, Flying W NZ VMX round at Taupo on 13 May.  Again we have been troubled with gaining access to the venue which had been previously allocated due to the impact of recent weather so Darryl has been working hard in the background to find another location to race. This was just locked down just yesterday (27th) and as a result entries are now open. So yes lets hope for weather that doesn’t lead to cyclones, floods, pestilence, plague etc……………….. Please also read the entry notes on the NZ VMX page as basically you may need to do nothing as far as entry goes if you had already entered Whakatane –we will simply carry that forward. 

More information over the next couple of weeks will also be provided on the end of series prize giving and the AGM. 

Over winter I will be campaigning the TE 185 in the central enduro series. This is just an experiment to see if the series will be rideable on an old bike and if there is potential to build interest in the lower north island for a vinduro class. My intent is at this stage to simply ride the beginners routes rather than be too clever and take on the more challenging routes reserved for the Experts and Intermediate classes. Should be interesting. If anybody else is keen let me know so we can compare notes. 

Righto – nuff said. See you on the flip side.