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The Great DJ Memorial/50th Kiwi Vintage MX Event
26 August 2017

Parson's Property, Waitotara

Barry Moody XL 250 leading Phil Scott (KX 125) and Andrew Robertson (TE 185)

Winter Break

Winter is here and it is time to take a break and rekindle the spirit for the 2017/2018 VMX and Vinduro Season. Actually I also need to rekindle a few bikes while I am at it! 

The final round of the NZ VMX series at Taupo like most of the rounds this last season was proceeded the day before with heavy rain that was of flood magnitude. In fact as was driving through Turangi on the Friday afternoon, the flood waters were spilling over SH 1 and we were down to single lanes so things weren’t looking good. Meanwhile, In Taupo Darryl August was out at the venue up to his knees in water finishing marking out the track also having real doubts about the weather.

However we were promised a find day on the Saturday and given the pumice soils of the central plateau one could only hope the flood waters would retire overnight. And so it was, the Saturday dawned fine (but cold) and most of the flooding had disappeared overnight. In fact driving into the venue really gave no indication of the storms that had happened the day before and the ground underneath was nice and loamy.

I don’t know how he does it, but Darryl had once again secured a perfect venue and he and his team of helpers marked out an excellent and beautifully flowing track. It was just fantastic for the 112 riders or so who signed on that morning.  

I had a pretty good race day on balance. I elected to ride Project TE 185 in both the Pre 75 and Pre 78 125 class. I had been missing from these classes for various reasons over the season so looking forward to a good blast. Clearly Richard Vanderuyt, Barry Moody and Phil Scott were thinking the same thing.

Richard had the series win nailed and both he and his CAN AM are undoubtedly fastest in the class and post the start line he lucky to be seen for the remainder of the race by us slower guys. However Barry, Phil and I are more equally matched. Barry punts his XL around any course in a very smooth style and he puts the wide power of the XL to very good use. Phil and I are very similar in riding styles and what I have in capacity over his KX 125, he more than makes up for in horsepower.

Amongst the three of us we all have equal chance of leading our group in any race so it pretty much comes down to keeping it smooth, making no errors and suffering no mechanicals.  Admittedly Phil and I did both suffer a few issues during the day -  the little KX is super fast but has more false neutrals than gears so there were a few times when I was able to slip past as Phil was busy stirring away at the gearbox. Likewise by the second race my clutch had started slipping so while the engine sounded fast I wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry whenever a hill was involved.  

Fresh clutch and clutch springs are now on order! 

My experience at the final round of the NZ Vinduro series at Atimuri the weekend before was lets say – simply a disaster. In fact the whole vinduro season has not gone well at all. After suffering a stator coil failure at Maramarua on the XL 175, then a broken throttle cable at Wellington, both of which ended my races, I was looking forward to a good ride at the final.

But no………... Despite prepping and testing the XL the weekend before, when I unloaded the bike and kicked it over at the start – there was no spark (again). Nada, nothing - Unbelievable.

I mucked around with it a bit more including changing points and while I coaxed a little spark out of it and got it running the ignition was breaking down and the bike was impossible to ride. So it was a case of idling back to the parc ferme and loading it on the trailer. Lets see I managed about 10km in total – hmmmm a long way to go for a 10 km ride. Lucky it was the opening of the duck hunting season as I was looking for a shot gun to put to the bike and put it out of its misery. In hindsight and to be totally fair the whole bike is due a major rebuild after 5 years of thrashing the daylight of the thing. So that will consume some of my time over winter! 

Somebody did asked me the other day if I was doing another project bike over winter. The answer is yes sort of.

I have an old KT 250 which I am slowly building up as I want to have some fun do the feat up stuff. The bike I procured is a single owner machine – owned by a chap who bought it for one reason only – to go hunting in the back blocks. It was in an unusual state – too good to wreck and too bad to rebuild. A real dilemma. Despite my better judgement I have decided to go rebuild and see where it take me………………….I will keep you updated. 

All that aside, I do have a score to settle on the Enduro front – that is to at least finish one event bodily and mechanically  intact. So in June I will be loading up the TE 185 heading off to the Waiarapa to race the central series. Here’s hoping for the best (and that new clutch).