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RD 8 NZ VMX Taupo - 12 May
NZ VMX Inc AGM Taupo - 13 May


Whakatane - Round 7 NZ VMX

Round 7 at Whakatane was blessed with fine weather despite the claggy rain on the day before putting a potential dampener on the event. However on the day the track held up well.

The launch from the start gate saw the track sweep through a relatively flat paddock with wide open corners to be followed in the second half with some relatively bumpy and tight terrain. The first section favoured the big bikes and those with little suspension travel, while the second half placed into the hands of those that were on smaller capacity long travel bikes. A bit of everything for everyone in equal measures.  

My day on the TE 185 ran reasonably smoothly with no mechanicals to report but regrettably I could not keep up with the fast guns in my class who were lapping the track and pretty rapid speeds. Still all finishes count towards the points at the end of the day so it will be interesting how it all rolls out after the best six rounds are calculated after Round 8 at Taupo.

International Riders attending Rd 8 at Taupo 

NZ VMX is please to advise that Australia’s most decorated off road rider Geoff Ballard multi ISDE Gold Medallist, US GNCC Champion, Founder of Ballard’s XRs Only, Off Road Race Team Manager for Yamaha and Honda Australia and former works rider for CAN AM and Armstrong will be attending the final round at Taupo! Accompanying him will be former French Surfing Champion and VMX aficionado Viv Jacob who by all accounts is as fast is Geoff!

Both riders will be Maico 490s sponsored by our good friends Steve Gallichan of Tricky Dicky Racing and Mike ‘Mac’ Mcleod. We can expect a stunning display of riding skills and it will be a privilege to have both riders present at the final and at the Prizegiving. 

South Islanders are attending too.  

Its also a big welcome to Lachlan Westrupp, Jeremy Jarman, Ben Smith, Andrew Davidson, Regan Gardiner, Steve Berry, Neil Wardle, Tim Davison so far who have entered from the South. And they are bringing an eleclectic mix of bikes including but not restricted to a BSA 650, Husq CR 500, Husq AE 420, Cheney/Sachs 250, Husq 360 GP, C7J XR 500, Bultaco 250 and 370 – the list goes on! 


Just a reminder that the NZ VMX AGM will be held on Sunday after the event. We have had quite a few submission for rule changes. All are good ideas that are centred on either safety or growing the sport.  Also we have had three offers for new venues. All we need now are people to stand for committee positions to help carry the load for the next season.

AGM information here.

T Shirts  

Just a reminder that collector T Shirts have been organised for the final at Taupo. These are multi coulour printed on cotton and $30 a unit. Order yours now here.

Orders close Friday 4 May.

Project Bike  

Oh yes the project bike for winter is a DKW 125 - either a 10 or12 speed. Yes the Sachs engine that powers thees units are well renowned for having the same number of neutrals as gears. The core bike also came with two chasis and a bunch of spares including two old school rego plates! Trust me folks this will be a slow burner project bike and will a real challenge!  I will gladly except any advice,

South Island Couriers

The DKW came from Timaru. Now there a lots of options for transporting bikes in NZ this day but I totally recommend John from South Island Couriers. They come to the North Island once per month. They arrange pick up, undertake delivery dor to door and their prices are so reasonable.  There are lots of interesting bikes for sale in the South and knowing that you have an operator like South Island Couriers to do the move makes buying these bikes a doable proposition. 5 Star Rating.

Check ut their listing on Trade Me for more information.

Kinleith Vinduro

The final of the NZ Vinduro series is on 6 May the week before the NZ VMX final. Yes I will be heading north for this and will be campaigning the TE 185. It will mean a rapid redeploy after the event to clean up the bike and ready it for VMX the following weekend . I have probably bitten off more than I can chew but.........................

Entry info is here

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